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Hashtag No Fun at Parties, or, Never Watch Historical Movies with Jules

Film poster for Kate & Leopold
Film poster for Kate & Leopold – Copyright 2001, Miramax Films

Ever had those movie nights when no one can agree on films? Happens all the time in my family. So when Mum found out I hadn’t seen Kate & Leopold, guess what the group ‘decided’ to watch? Except Dad gave a delicate shudder and went next door to watch a Four Corners episode on COVID, or climate change, or something.

[Sidebar: My mother truly believes that not only have I seen every movie she likes, but that I saw it at the cinema with her. (FYI, that’s a big nope.) Hence her astonishment that I hadn’t seen Kate & Leopold.]

Back to our movie night. It wasn’t a bad film. The eye candy hit all the right notes: Meg Ryan is eternally gorgeous despite the fashion victim haircut, and Hugh Jackman is superhot even in a weird coat that I imagine the costume designer thought looked ducal. The story is pure fluff, but it’s fun and witty. There’s even workplace harassment, which gets resolved in a way that strains credulity (we have #metoo for a reason) but doesn’t leave you angry.

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