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Cover of Renegade Widow by Jules Radcliffe

Is Belle innocent of wrongdoing, or is she a renegade?

Rancher Cord and Deputy Sheriff Wilder have a dark secret: they’re lovers in a time when such love is against the law. To give them both cover, Cord orders a bride.

But when she arrives, the infuriating Belle refuses to honor her contract. She’s also the most enticing woman Cord and Wilder have ever met.

After leading them on a merry dance, Belle makes a most improper—not to mention irresistible—offer. One neither man has the will to refuse.

But just when this scorching triangle is set to explode, a gang of outlaws, a New York City crook, and a bounty hunter all converge on their small New Mexico town. It seems Belle’s misdeeds have finally caught up with her…

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