Historical gay romance from Jules Radcliffe

The Golden Age of Piracy. A time of terror on the high seas, of romance and intrigue, of noble and dastardly deeds.

In Port Royal, a brotherhood arises. A society of gallant buccaneers and rough marauders who owe allegiance to no one but themselves. Men of fierce passions who take what they want and love where they choose.

Set sail for swashbuckling adventure with the Pirates of Port Royal!

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Pirates of Port Royal series

Pirates of Port Royal: Master & Mate series

An uptight naval lieutenant. A free-living pirate. Follow the trials and tribulations of Perry and Quinn as they discover love and explore the limits of desire.

Pirates of Port Royal: Chevaliers & Charlatans series

A man stolen from his homeland, enslaved since childhood. A mysterious lord with a sinister purpose. Follow the adventures of Polly and Ty before they were crew of the buccaneer ship Audacious.

The pursuit of a different type of love in the mid-nineteenth century across Vermont, New York, and Oregon.

Stand alone stories