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Historical gay romance from the Golden Age of Piracy

Castaways in the Caribbee by Jules Racliffe, book 3 in Chevaliers & Charlatans, set in the world of Radcliffe's epic gay historical romance series Pirates of Port Royal

Secret friends. Forbidden lovers. Some bonds aren’t meant to be broken…

After their ship is sunk in a terrible storm, Polly and Ty wash ashore on a deserted island, barely alive. Their new home is beautiful, but has none of the comforts of civilisation. They’ll have to learn new skills to survive.

Despite the hardships, there is much to celebrate. Never before has Ty been allowed to follow his heart, or explore his secret desires. And Polly is more than willing to join him on this journey into love.

But though it might look like paradise, their island is not a safe harbour. When danger threatens, it might cost Ty his new-found freedom to save Polly’s life.

A story set in the world of Radcliffe’s epic Pirates of Port Royal series.

Castaways in the Caribbees, coming soon to your favourite ebook store!

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