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Cover of Pirate Booty by Jules Radcliffe

Under threat of arrest, Ben fled England for Port Royal, leaving behind everything except his hard-won skills. He’s heard of the Brethren of the Coast, a rough brotherhood of men who take what they want and love where they please. If they are welcome in the most sinful city in the New World, Ben is certain he can build a new life there.

But Port Royal is a dangerous place for new arrivals. Ben is saved from a dreadful fate by Robert Lightfoot, a pirate whose ruthless nature is as vivid as the scar that ruined his face.

Rob leads Ben down a path he never believed possible. And then Rob dumps him as casually as he picked him up. Furious and hurt, Ben vows to never be any man’s fool again.

But are Rob’s actions what they seem? Before Ben knows it, a gang of pirates draw him into a daring and dangerous adventure. If he survives, he’ll never be the same again.

Pirate Booty, coming soon to your favourite ebook store!