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Renegade Widow – get your copy now!

I’m proud to announce my latest release! Set in New Mexico in the time of the John Kinney gang and Billy the Kid, Renegade Widow is a spicy menage romance featuring the feisty Belle, the haughty Cord, and the masterful Wilder. Get your copy of Renegade Widow here!

Can Cord and Wilder tame this redhot redhead?Cover Renegade Widow by Jules Radcliffe
Belle baulks at a marriage of convenience when an accident robs her of her memory. Yes, Cord is rich and handsome, but how could she have agreed to marry a man she’s never met? And while his fiery nature sets her heart pounding, she’s enraged by his arrogance. Not like his friend, Deputy Sheriff Wilder, whose gentle charm captivates her.

Taking a destitute widow he’s never laid eyes on to wife suits Cord perfectly. He has a dark secret—he and Wilder are in love, and this marriage will protect both of them. But Cord finds himself intrigued by Belle’s sensual beauty even while her obstinance infuriates him.

As for Wilder, try as he might, he can’t hate his rival. The feisty Belle stirs him in a way no one but Cord ever has. He might even be in danger of falling in love with her.

Belle, defiantly independent, takes a job at the local saloon. She’s desperate to leave the town of Maraña and the two men who raise uncomfortable feelings about wanting to settle down. Cord and Wilder are horrified she’s willing to risk her reputation. But she’s about to turn their former peaceful existence on its head as there’s only one way they can stop her. This scorching triangle is set to explode.

But when a gang of outlaws, a New York City crook, and a bounty hunter all converge on Maraña, it seems Belle’s misdeeds have caught up with her.

Is Belle innocent of wrongdoing, or is she a renegade?

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