Chevaliers & Charlatans – a Pirates of Port Royal series

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Cover of A Chevalier in Deed by Jules Radcliffe

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When Titus Kandel meets Sir Henry Polglase, fire smoulders between them. But Ty belongs to another man—the repulsive Jonkheer Van Wyck.

Sir Henry swears he will rescue Ty from his master’s clutches. Cold logic tells Ty such an impossible thing will never come to pass, but his heart urges him to trust the gentleman to keep his word.

And then Ty discovers Sir Henry’s true purpose in coming to the Caribbean…

Cover of A Scoundrel in Silk by Jules Radcliffe

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Sir Henry Polglase—Polly to his friends—cannot deny his desire for Titus Kandel. But there’s a grave complication. Titus is a slave, and Polly is a slave trader. It seems unlikely Titus will ever forgive him, but Polly trusts to his luck, letting fate take a hand in the future he hopes they can make together.

For hearts as well as fortunes can be won—or lost—on the turn of a card.

Cover of Castaways in the Caribbee by Jules Radcliffe

Stranded on a beautiful Caribbean island, Ty is determined to follow Polly’s lead in making the best of things. And despite the hardship, there is much to celebrate. Never before has Ty been free to follow his heart, nor to explore his secret desires.

But though it might look like paradise, their island is not a safe harbour. And when danger threatens, it might cost Ty his new freedom to save Polly’s life.

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