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Pirates of Port Royal series

The Caribbean in the seventeenth century – a hotbed of piracy, intrigue, and love between men. Follow the adventures of the gallant crew of the buccaneer ship Audacious, captained by the Black Wolf.

Ebook cover A Pirate's Promise by Jules Radcliffe
Prequel A Pirate’s Promise
The Puritan Pirate by Jules Radcliffe
Book one The Puritan Pirate
The Penitent Pirate by Jules Radcliffe
Book two The Penitent Pirate
Swamp Dog cover Jules Radcliffe
Free story Swamp Dog

Chevaliers & Charlatans series

The adventures of Polly and Ty before they were crew of the buccaneer ship Audacious. (Castaways in the Caribbee is currently exclusive to newsletter subscribers, and is not available for sale at this time.)

Cover of A Chevalier in Deed by Jules Radcliffe
Chevaliers & Charlatans I – A Chevalier in Deed
C&C2 A Scoundrel in Silk by Jules Radcliffe
Chevaliers & Charlatans II – A Scoundrel in Silk
Cover for Castaways in the Caribbee, the third story in the Chevaliers & Charlatans series
Chevaliers & Charlatans III – Castaways in the Caribbee

Love’s Pursuit series

The pursuit of a different type of love in mid-nineteenth century America. The Love’s Pursuit series traverses Vermont, Philadelphia, New York, and Oregon.

Love's Pursuit Barn Dance cover
Barn Dance, a Love’s Pursuit story
Love's Pursuit, A Summer Pursuit cover
Book one A Summer Pursuit
The Winter Trail cover
Book two The Winter Trail






Stand alone books

Florian's Garden by Stephanie Lake and Jules Radcliffe
Florian’s Garden, with Stephanie Lake
Poppies in Paris, a story of WWI
Poppies in Paris







Pirates of Port Royal

A Pirate’s Promise

Ebook cover A Pirate's Promise by Jules RadcliffeThe Caribbean, 1664
Press-ganged as a boy, Job Wright has spent years as a captive on a merchant ship plying the Atlantic trade routes, until one day musketeer Garrett Dubh, a crewman of the buccaneer ship Audacious, rescues him.

Garrett takes Job under his wing, and they become firm friends. It’s the first real friendship Job can recall having. He is fascinated by the handsome pirate, however, and longs for more than just kindness between them.

Determined to prove his worth to Garrett, Job goes to lengths that might just cause serious trouble in the French pirate haven of Tortuga. He fears he’s bitten off more than he can chew—and this time, Garrett isn’t there to save him from danger.

A Pirate’s Promise is a prequel to The Puritan Pirate, and features cameos from Perry, Quinn, and the Black Wolf.

A Pirate’s Promise, available from Loose Id or your favourite ebook store.

Get a sneak peek at A Pirate’s Promise here

The Penitent Pirate

The Penitent Pirate by Jules Radcliffe

The Caribbean, 1664
After peaceful months ashore strengthening their new union, Perry and Quinn are ready to return to the life they love best—roving with the buccaneer ship Audacious. Quinn is still haunted by his torture in a Spanish dungeon, and Perry hopes being back at sea will retore his matelot to his old self.

 In Port Royal, they are swept into intrigues—the worthies of Jamaica are conspiring against the buccaneers, a baby is found on their doorstep, and a mysterious gentleman has a secret he will kill to preserve.

 Just when Perry and Quinn hope to sail and leave it all behind, Quinn is asked to become the sailing master of Night Hawk, captained by the dashing Raphe Ashburn, his former lover. Charming, aristocratic, witty—Captain Ashburn is everything Perry wishes he could be. But Night Hawk is a valuable ally, so Perry convinces Quinn to go.

 All goes well until Perry is taken by an old enemy. He is certain he will never see his matelot again, for Quinn is not a man to brook deceit or infidelity from a lover. And Captain Asburn is waiting in the wings to pick up their old affair.

When everything in their path seems intent on keeping them apart, will Perry and Quinn find their way back to each other?

The Penitent Pirate, available from Loose Id or your favourite ebook store

Get a sneak peek at The Penitent Pirate here

The Puritan Pirate

An uptight naval lieutenant. A free-living buccaneer.
Sworn enemies—fated to be lovers.

Cover for The Puritan Pirate

The Caribbean, 1664
An uptight naval lieutenant. A free-living buccaneer. Enemies from the first.

It all changes the night Quinn reluctantly rescues Lieutenant Peregrine from the consequences of his folly. Their tentative truce leads to a wild tryst and the thrilling discovery that their unconventional desires are perfectly matched.

Perry is the most delightful lover Quinn has ever had, and he wants Perry by his side for good. But such an affair would not only end Perry’s career, he may never be able to return to England and his family. Fearful of discovering Perry’s desire for respectability is stronger than his love, Quinn leaves him behind in Port Royal.

But in his darkest hour, Quinn discovers that Perry will risk his life for them to be together.

The Puritan Pirate, available from Loose Id or your favourite ebook store

Get a sneak peek at The Puritan Pirate here

Swamp Dog

Swamp Dog cover Jules RadcliffeA free short featuring Raphe Ashburn, the dashing pirate captain from The Penitent Pirate. Read Swamp Dog here.

Love’s Pursuit

Barn Dance

Barn Dance by Jules Radcliffe
A story in the Love’s Pursuit series

Vermont, 1852

After months of furtive assignations, Ash’s lover leaves him for a life of riches and respectability. Angry and heartsore at his rejection, Ash has no one to confide in.

Neighboring farmers Seth and Dougal accidentally discover his secret. They know Ash has been taken advantage of and decide to teach him what real love is.

Can Seth and Dougal help Ash mend his broken heart?

A sneak peek at Barn Dance

Barn Dance, on sale at your favourite ebook store for only 99 cents

A Summer Pursuit

Jake and Ash A Summer Pursuit Jules Radcliffe ebook
Book One in the Love’s Pursuit series

New York City, 1853

Jake Huntington is a notorious womanizer, plunging blithely into one liaison after another, with no intention of settling down.

Ash Moore is sexier than any woman Jake has ever met. Although he has always been curious about men, Jake has never before been attracted to one. Throwing caution to the wind, Jake makes advances on Ash, and they spend a torrid night in each others’ arms.

The two men go to Jake’s home in New York City, where they embark on a lively and clandestine affair over the long, hot summer. Jake enjoys the novelty of being with Ash. He is a friend and not just a lover, but Jake has no expectation their affair will last any longer than the summer. He is shocked to find he is in love, an emotion he has avoided after a painful experience in his youth. Confronted and unsettled by his emotions, he tries to extricate himself from their entanglement.

But his heart won’t let go so easily.

A sneak peek at A Summer Pursuit

A Summer Pursuit, available from Loose Id or your favorite ebook store

The Winter Trail

The Winter Trail cover
Book Two in the  Love’s Pursuit series

Oregon, 1859

Jake and Ash fell in love one wild summer in New York City. To escape the censure of the world, they retreated to the Cascade Mountains where they live happily in an isolated homestead.

Then schoolteacher Evelyn Lockhart comes into their lives.

With the death of her beloved father, Evie’s life has become a solitary grind. She is reduced to earning her living; she has no real home or anyone who cares what becomes of her. On her way to yet another post, a terrible accident leaves her trapped in the mountains for the winter.

Rescued by Jake and Ash, Evie is inexplicably drawn to both. The passion they have awoken in her cannot be denied, but she hides her feelings, shocked by her wantonness. She is unable—unwilling—to choose between them.

Jake and Ash know Evie is their destiny. Fearing she will think their love a sin, they conceal the truth from her. But they have all winter to woo her, to show her that she belongs with them, to convince her that she has found her true home at last.

Another brush with death makes them all realize that secrets can be perilous.

A sneak peek at The Winter Trail

The Winter Trail, available from Loose Id or your favorite ebook store

Stand alone stories

Florian’s Garden (with Stephanie Lake)

Florian's Garden by Stephanie Lake and Jules Radcliffe

Driven from his childhood home because of his gypsy blood, Florian Feakes has made a life for himself on the Melcombe estate. He contents himself with nurturing park grounds and his own small, hidden garden. Until a new groom is hired. He understands the meaning of the heated looks Everett Wedmore sends his way, but knows nothing good will come from such an association.

Everett, surprised at how difficult Florian is to find, decides to invite the handsome gardener to the local summer fair with him. Things don’t work out exactly as planned…

Florian’s Garden is a short but very sexy story of eight thousand words. This release contains five thousand words of bonus material, including sneak peeks from Jules Radcliffe’s Pirates of Port Royal series and Stephanie Lake’s Second Chances series.

Florian’s Garden, available from your favourite ebook store for only 99 cents

Poppies in Paris

Poppies in Paris, a story of WWI. A Jules Radcliffe ebookWorld War One. The Western Front. Winter.
Duke Lindsay is going to die. He knows it’s only a matter of time. The war that was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime has turned into a terrifying nightmare that has crushed his once carefree spirit. With no family to care what becomes of him, and all his friends dead, he has nothing to live for.

Until Corporal Driscoll comes along.

Driscoll forces Duke to obey him, to fight, to stay alive. As they undergo hardship and fight bitter battles side by side, Duke comes to realise Driscoll cares for him in a way no one ever has before.

From the ashes of war, an enduring friendship begins to blossom.

A sneak peek at Poppies in Paris

Poppies in Paris, available from your favourite ebook store